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We aim to provide quality repairs to help you prolong the useful life of your household appliances
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As a trusted name in the repair business, serving your local community for 30 years, our company can address the toughest issues with residential and commercial appliances. No matter how large or small your problem is, you are sure to find high quality and quick service here. We charge no hidden fees and always make sure our customers get the most reasonable solution in terms of money and efficiency. Our professional crew can repair appliances of all makes and models, which really makes us a real go-to repair company for our valued customers. You can always rely on our extensive experience, unfailing courtesy, transparent pricing and quick response. Don't go further than our company. Call us today and get $25 off your first repair. Your quick solution is only one phone call away.
Home visits only
One of our experts will come at your home to determine the possible issue with your major appliance or appliance parts.
Written estimate
If an issue is found, a written estimate of all parts and labor costs is provided to you.
No extra fees
The service call fee is waived if you want to have the appliance repair service done.
Service call fee
If you opt not to get the appliance work completed, you can only pay for the written estimate and travel cost to your residence.
Appliance Repair Service
We provide same day service for all major residential and commercial appliances
Fridge Repair
Fridge Repair
Now and then it can happen with any of fridges. A breakdown. It can be a dripping water on the floor, fridge water not dispensing, strange sounds or temperature problems.

Reasons for these malfunctions are numerous, but you must be sure if you are able to fix the fridge yourself. We strongly recommend you call us if you have some questions.

San Marcos CA workers offer you the best service for affordable price. Just make an appointment with our technician. Professional help will always be better than your own efforts. Save your time and nerves.
Freezer Repair
Your freezer went out of work, started making strange sounds, or maybe you experienced the malfunctions related to temperature changes? There is a great number of possible problems with freezers and to fix the freezer yourself is a great challenge.

As a rule, there are some pieces of advice how to become a home technician, but we encourage you to use our service, as it is the best service you can get in shortest time. Our technicians can do the repair the same day, just call us and make an appointment. You will always know the price before the beginning of the repairing process so be sure in our reliability.

San Marcos team is your products' rescuer!
Freezer Repair
Washer Repair
Washer Repair
Have you ever experienced the situation when the loading in your washer suddenly stopped in the middle of its running or when it created terrible unknown noises, or maybe you noticed how the washer deliberately tried to run away?

In these and any other cases you are welcome to contact our technicians from San Marcos and get the best service on the same day. We will find a wonderful offer for you so that the repair will be done in time, at best price and with top new instruments. If you once try our service, you will definitely recommend us to your friends.

Stop being afraid of the crazy mood of your washer, let us handle it.
Dryer Repair
Tomorrow for work but your dryer broke down? We hope you will not go in wet clothes.

Firstly, you can try to repair the dryer yourself, read articles and the appliance’s manual, try to find right symptoms, so inspect the dryer attentively and only when you are sure in symptoms start repairing. Be sure you have all necessary instruments and equipment.

But we strongly recommend you to get a professional help. You can always contact, to get a professional help you can always contact our technicians. Be sure they will save you from a nervous breakdown you can easily experience while fixing the appliance yourself.
Dryer Repair
Range/Stove Repair
Range/Stove Repair
Does your stove need parts replacement, it has no power, or maybe it does not heat? In any of these or any other cases call us and make an appointment with a technician. You will get a professional same day service. Stoves' problems are usually not those to fix yourself as you will need special instruments, equipment, and knowledge how to do that safely for your stove's life and definitely for your life too.

Be sure that you will be provided with a wonderful service as we have years’-built image. In our work we always rely on cooperation and mutual understanding between a customer and executor, you will be always listened to. All your requests will find response in our work.
Oven Repair
What can be more disappointing than a cake you cooked with so much love got burnt or maybe vice versa got underbaked though the baking time had already passed? We are sure that at least once, but everybody experienced such a situation.

Though the oven is not such a huge appliance with millions of buttons but as a matter of fact it is rather vulnerable in usage. Before using the oven for the first time and all the following you must be aware with the appliance' manual as knowing special details about it you will definitely use it wiser.

But if you have some problems with your oven and you are not sure how to repair it yourself, just call us and your cakes will be again of a top-level treat.
Oven Repair
Dishwasher Repair
Dishwasher Repair
Are you a desperate housewife and still wash the dishes with your hands? If yes, you can really skip this advertisement, but if you are a this century guy you have to write down the number of San Marcos CA service.

A dishwasher is our saviour after big parties, family dinners, or when we are just lazy to do the things ourselves, but who will save the saviour if it breaks down? That is why we recommended you to write down that number. In any of malfunctions of the dishwasher call us and we will provide you with a great same-day service. Inform us with the symptoms and our technicians breath life into your dishwasher.

You can trust us, as we are on market not for the first year and we definitely know what to do in hundreds of cases.
Wine Cooler Repair
Are you a wine lover? If yes, then a wine cooler is an indispensable investment. A wine cooler allows you to age the wine to its best taste. If the appliance is operating poorly, it influences the wine quality and makes it taste lackluster.

If you notice any malfunctions, contact the repair service and get back to entertainment. Our team of professionals is famous for our readiness to fix any type of wine cooler on the same day.

If you give us a call, we will eliminate the malfunction in the shortest possible time and make your appliance work smoothly again.
Wine Cooler Repair
Appliance brands we Service
San Marcos Appliance Repair experts service all major brands of household appliances:
why us?
Here are some good reasons why to choose us among all local companies
Licensed workers only
Our certified qualified repairmen remain up to date with the new models and developments in their training.
Available 24/7
You can schedule a technician visit any time that is convenient for you.
Our technician will fix any minor and major issues and provide you with a 90-day warranty.
No Additional Fees
We bring you the best specialists at competitive rates that we set up without secret costs upfront.
Reasonable Prices
For all parts, labor and call ins, we deliver competitive appliance repair rates.
Same Day Service
Our appliance repair service on the same day is what you're searching for in case of an emergency.
San Marcos Appliance Repair experts service all major brands of household appliances:
Jane Cooper
08 Feb 2021
I'm giving 5 stars to the whole team of operators and techs. Just 1 click and Jeff showed up at our doorstep. Now we've got no leaks and our washer is running smoothly.
Wade Warren
15 Feb 2021
Last Saturday I heard a strange noise coming from the fridge. Tried to find out what's wrong myself but ended up looking for a repairman. You guys are real pros, now everything is fine. I will definitely recommend you to anyone in need of professional repair services.
Esther Howard
18 Feb 2021
Your quick and efficient repair of my washer really made my day. First, I didn't believe so many positive reviews. But now, when I've checked myself, I can say that this was the best repair experience I've ever had.